Please find an update below from the project at 51st and Oak:

Hello everyone,

Below is a quick update on the street closure at 51st Street.

It is regrettable that we need a few more days to complete this work. We truly do appreciate everyone’s patience, but It appears that 51st Street will now be reopened on or before Friday Dec 18th. We wish this work could be faster, and we appreciate the frustration many of you are feeling. For this reason, we would like to share some detail for those who are interested (and perhaps a bit curious).

The utilities we are installing are part of the KCMO City-Interceptor project, which will eventually be completed by City contractors and will extend the entire length of Brookside Blvd. improving the drainage issues in the surrounding area. As with most infill development projects, there are a myriad of extenuating circumstances to navigate. We are constructing just a small section of this project to minimize the disruption to the tenants and businesses when the larger portion of this project is completed in a few years. For just our small (by comparison) portion, there are multiple sections of large concrete boxes which measure almost 10’ tall, 6’ deep and over 15’ wide which need to be carefully placed 15-20 feet below the street surface. In order to set these in place, it requires two trackhoes, which as you can see in the attached photo, are very close to overhead power lines. They must (in perfect sync) maneuver under 75+ year old water lines, a fiber optic duct, and a gas main as well as a main electrical duct servicing much of UMKC and the surrounding businesses & residences. With the combination of heavy equipment, water and electricity I think we can all appreciate the skill and complexity involved with this work and when they are finally finished be cheering these men and women for a job well done! (Even though it may have taken a bit longer than any of us would have liked.) It hopefully gives us all some appreciation for the complexity of this work that KCMO contractors deal with every day.

All of this work had to wait until underground power lines were moved, rock was excavated, manholes were installed, and the sanitary lines were placed. Along the way; brittle water lines have been encountered and we’ve had 5 full days of rain since my last update, and anticipate another 2 days which are forecasted for this weekend.

Once again, we truly appreciate your patience and continued support of the local businesses. We surprised several happy people with gift cards yesterday, and plan to continue this effort even after the street is reopened.

As a reminder, when the street is reopened, a construction barrier will be placed in the south parking lane – we will send out a staging plan in the coming days depicting this location.

Best Regards,

Leah FitzGerald