Please find an update below from the project at 51st and Oak:

Hello everyone,

In our last email, we indicated we would provide updates to the scheduled closures as things changed.  Unfortunately, we have encountered unforeseen conditions and the rock bed is more extensive than previously anticipated.  This rock has hampered our efforts causing excavations to take longer than expected which has impacted our work as well as KCP&L’s.

As such, please note that the current road closures will remain in effect until Dec 12th. There are no other changes to the staging plan previously provided, with the exception of the date (please reference the attached updated staging plan).

After Dec 11th and before close of business on Dec 12th we will open the street and install a construction barrier along the south side of 51st Street. The barrier will be located in the existing south parking lane and will establish the new normal which remain in effect until the street improvement work begins next summer.  We will plan to send another update with a revised staging plan indicating this barrier location before the street reopens.  We don’t anticipate any further surprises, however, we can’t control impacts caused by weather.

As always we appreciate your continued support of the restaurants and businesses that are affected.  If you have any questions please let us know.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Best Regards,

Leah FitzGerald and Tom McGee