Our bylaws are an administrative document that apply to all property owners in Wornall Homestead. They cover topics such as membership in the homes association, the Board and its duties, as well as meetings and voting rights. You can review Wornall Homestead’s bylaws here.

Deed Restrictions and Maps

Wornall Homestead Homes Association is comprised of various subdivisions in Kansas City and is collectively referred to as Wornall Homestead. Perhaps confusingly, one of the subdivisions within the collective Wornall Homestead Homes Association is also called Wornall Homestead. An interactive map is available here, which contains layers for the general boundary, each subdivision’s boundary, and the blocks within each subdivision. View a PDF of the same boundaries here.

The subdivisions within Wornall Homestead were each originally platted with their own set of restrictions. From records provided by the Homes Association of Kansas City, we have the original Deed Restrictions for each of these subdivisions in our area along with the original Wornall Homestead Homes Association Agreement. These have been highlighted to show key planning requirements and are provided for member information as a historical reference only. Even though these requirements have expired, they did offer guidance in forming the Wornall Homestead Overlay District’s requirements. Please see more on that below:

Wornall Homestead Overlay District

The establishment of the Wornall Homestead Overlay (WHO) District was approved by the City Council on August 3rd, 2017 and went into effect on August 13th. Drawn from existing zoning requirements, previously written deed restrictions, current built conditions and new criteria as formulated through input and consensus with the members of WHHA, this ordinance provides requirements for remodeled and new homes that are intended to assist in preserving the character of our neighborhood without being unduly restrictive. We urge all our members to become familiar with its content.

The approved Wornall Homestead Overlay District regulations, boundary map and official City Ordinance can be viewed here. Please review our clarifying letter on rental property information here.

WHHA Physical and Image Plan

Please find a copy of our 2010 Plan here (updated for 2017). The plan was approved by residents previously and the Board has been acting in accordance with it since then. Stay tuned for updates to be issued in the first half of 2018.

Block Captains

Use our interactive map to review the Block Captain areas and current assignments — just enable the Block Captains layer on the map. There are vacancies in a fair number of blocks. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer for a Block Captain position.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are linked below in reverse chronological order below. A meeting’s minutes are typically approved by the board at the next regular meeting, which results in a lag of at least a month:


Access the following newsletters using the links provided:

You may notice that we do not have any recent newsletters. We’ve shifted more towards electronic communications using our Nextdoor site or our mailing list. However, if there is enough interest (and a volunteer), we are happy to bring it back! Please email us if you’re interested in providing content or helping coordinate a newsletter.