Detectives from Metro Property Crimes have recently identified a suspect in numerous package theft cases in and around the Brookside area; Leawood, Kansas; and Prairie Village, Kansas.  During the investigation into these thefts, numerous items were recovered.  The items shown in the attached pictures are believed to be stolen but KCPD is unable to determine from whom the items were stolen or where.  To assist in the investigation, these photos are being shared with the community for identification.

Review property photos here.

If you or someone you know was a victim of a package or other property theft in recent months, please review the photos.  If you recognize items that belong to you, even if they have already been replaced, please contact Detective Harris at (816) 581-0669 or

To complete the identification process, a copy of the order from the sender, like Amazon, will be needed.  This is an important step in the process of holding someone accountable for the thefts.  Even if your property was replaced by the sender, taking the time to assist in the investigation will help law enforcement on both sides of the state line keep our neighborhoods safer for everyone.